giving is awesome part deux

So we just got back from celebrating Christmas at my parents and…..I can NOT decide on which nominee to chose! Oh man! So I am pulling an outside source to do the deciding for me. Today was the cut off for the nominations, a decision has to be made and I know I said today was announcement day, but I lied. Give me one more day, people. Please? Hard, seriously hard decision. There are so many worthy people out there. Reading these stories makes me want to be a better person. So many people who give and don’t even have it to give, or have lost so much, but chose to only see the good. Wow! So everyone is going to have to wait a bit longer. Thank you for your patience. I am anxious to see who the well deserving family will be too. If you are just now hearing about Giving is Awesome for the first time tonight then feel free to catch up here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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