the arnaud family {chattanooga family photography}

This is another “good things come to those who wait” post, at least I am hoping. This is a session I did this weekend and with caring for our little girl who has been under the weather I had to delay this post a bit (update: after taking Ada to the doc today it was confirmed she has an ear infection, but after some good rest and some great medicine she is on the mends) Back to the post. This family of four is absolutely wonderful. Remi and Sara have two amazing daughters Liel (2 yrs) and Madeliene (4 mths). Not only do they have love for each other, but also so much love for the Lord. They are abroad teaching of Christ’s love and equipping others to become “missionaries” in their everyday life. Check out more of what they have been up to here. These two girls reaffirmed that I think I just want all girls which is wild bc at one point I thought I wanted all boys. Liel and Madeleine had the sweetest interactions with each other. Liel just wanted to love on her little sister and when she was not busy with that she was busy running all over the place. This little girl is incredibly smart and so full of excitement. It is wild how two girls coming from the same mom and dad could look so very different and have such different personalities. I love them both. They are both as precious as could be. Thanks you all for having me out and can’t wait to see you guys upon your next return. Enjoy your sneak peek.


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