gage 3 months

Something I had never witnessed before…it was the sweetest thing ever…a baby literally being kissed to sleep. Yes, I finally got to meet Danielle and her sweet baby Gage. Danielle is the BF to the infamous Tobi of Ivey Handcrafted. Of course Gage was adorned with an original Ivey Handcrafted onesie and of course once again it was the cutest one I had ever seen bc I don’t know how, but each time they get even cuter and the little guy inside the onesie was even cuter than the onesie itself. This little mini session was so fun and just pulled on my heartstrings. There is nothing better than witnessing genuine love and the precious interactions between this mommy and baby was nothing short of just that…genuine love. Danielle gave sweet baby kisses to Gage. He would, in return just smile and smile and finally aforementioned, he fell fast asleep into that dreamy new baby sleep. Danielle and Gage, it was SO very nice to meet both of you! Can’t wait to see you both again.


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  1. Meg says:

    How sweet Brittany! I love Tobi’s crafty work on Gage too (:

  2. oh my sweet bf and my little nephew. Goodness – aren’t they both so beautiful. Thanks for taking these gorgeous photos! LOVE YOU

  3. Gage's mom :-) says:

    What an amazing woman you are Brittany. (tears) Thank you for the sweet words about Gage & I. I enjoyed meeting you and little Ada as well. I’m blessed to have met so many great people through Tobi…and you are most certainly one of the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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