ty’s 1st b’day

Happy Birthday Ty! You are one year old. You are a joy to everyone around you. You are absolutely adorable and have the perfect personality to go with it.

Ty and I have gotten to see each other so much lately. We did a session to document his one year old happenings…how he scoots on his bottom vs crawling…loves bath time…really gets into reading books and could play on the playground for hours. I also did some documenting for his one year old birthday bash. Ty, it has been so much fun to watch you grow, but can you slow down a little. Your life is going way to fast. Though Ty will not stay one forever these moments in his life will remain forever.


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  1. lbmullins@comcast.net says:

    Oh Brittany! I don’t even know what to say! I am speechless! You are absolutely amazing!!!!! The pictures are beautiful and capture everything I could ever remember and more! You are truly blessed with a beautiful tallent! Thank you so much!

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