a shower for becca

Sunflowers flanked the entrance way along with two little beauties soon to be flower girls. There was warmth in the air both in spirit and season. Upon her arrival she received a warm greeting and the room soon filled with her closest of friends. There was laughter and fun games involving toilet paper, banana bouquets and girlie accessories that scored extra points. A poem written haphazardly by her adoring friends described a fairy tale honeymoon in a fun little way. The food was delicious and the cake divine. The gathering concluded with a special time of prayer of blessings over the soon-to-be-married.

Yvonne and Becca D. you two throw a fabulous party! Becca M. I can’t believe the final countdown is here. Excited to share in your special day with you! Big Congrats in advance.

…so the sunflower pictured above certainly does not tell the whole story, so you will just have to watch the slideshow to see the rest.


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  1. Beautiful pictures Brittany! I loved them all, and especially enjoyed the ones of all the little girls.

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