I would rather live without until I found the one I can’t live without. That’s what he said and lived by and then he found her. The one he could not live without.

Starbucks, Chilis and a little bit of modern technology in the form of text messaging brought these two together. They now have come together before family, friends and their Lord to become husband and wife. These two have great things in store for them. I am just waiting for it all to continue to unfold!

Becca and Marco, thank you so very very very much for giving me the opportunity to document your once in a lifetime event. I fell in love with you, your families and friends that weekend. You two are surrounded by nothing but wonderful! So glad you two had a fabulous Hawaiian Honeymoon and hope you have a blast living out the rest of your life with the one you can’t live without.

Much Love!


Here is your slideshow that you have actually already seen :)

P.S. Ashleigh with Dream Hair Studio did an ah-MAZ-ing job on Becca’s hair and makeup!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    No, not one will believe this was your 1st Wedding, certainly can’t consider it a job, your just too amazing. Brittany, you have a unique sense of self, watching you and being with you taking pictures was lovely. I knew these pictures would be like they are. BEAUTIFUL, ARTFUL, DREAMY, ROMANTIC, STUNNING….on and on. Thankyou for YOU, Love Yvonne

  2. Stevaker says:

    Beautiful work, Brittany. Why is it that I know so many dang talented photographers? ; )

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