These two are over the top and I mean, in the good kind of way. Let’s just say that their engagement consisted of a room full of friends and family, a Valentine’s Day dinner, 15 roses individually delivered by separate special people, him singing to her, a poem and a partridge in a pear tree….and not to mention it was all a surprise!!!But, she was hooked way before the V-Day performance. The two met at church and both have a passion for wee ones. There will only be…oh I don’t know…forty or so that will be in attendance at their wedding. It was a van ride with said wee ones and non stop talk that led he and she to know that she and he would be together forever.

Can’t wait to photograph all the kiddos in just a couple of days oh yeah and you guys too :) Can’t believe we are two days away from your BIG DAY! Yay! Excited!

And yes, Jessica’s eyes are really that gorgeous and no I did not do one single thing to enhance them. Two words: God given. Two more: No FAIR : ) Ha!

Hope you enjoy your slideshow!!!

{sidenote: due to the compression of the pictures in the slideshow some look a bit “cartoonized”. Just know they are not like that in “real” life. Any computer whiz out there want to tell me what I am doing wrong? I will have to get with my web designer friend who is also launching my new site very very soon! Yip-a-dee!}


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  1. Guy Vos says:

    Just a brief whats up and to thank you for posting your ideas in this post. I wound up on your blog after searching health and fitness related stuff on Yahoo… guess I sort of lost my focus! Well, I am off and many thanks for writing your thoughts. I’m going to be back at some point to see your new articles. See you later!

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