Meet my beautiful cousin Marcy, her handsome husband, Jason and their precious little guy, Brooks. So yeah, some may call it partiality, others call it just straight up truthful…Brooks is in the top ten most adorable and brilliant two year olds in the world and to top it off he is an absolute sweetheart. I love this little guy so much! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our family. Love you guys!

Hope you love your slideshow!


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3 Responses to “brooks.23mths”

  1. jennifer froehlich says:

    oh my goodness, he is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! his hair!! his eyes!! wow, he needs to be a model, i LOVE this slideshow, its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amy Cooke says:

    So fun, Brittany! These pictures were great! I love the lollipop pictures!

  3. caren green says:

    this has to be one of the cutest kids i have ever seen. great job brittany!!!

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