First I must thank everyone for their patience. This last month has been overwhelming (in primarily a good way :). Many many many sessions and to top it off the birth of our best friends baby girl, so seriously I can not thank everyone enough for their patience of Job! I really appreciate you! I have the best clients in THE world :)

I have never encountered such a laid back newborn in my life. Okay, besides my own, she was pretty dang laid back. Ada was actually much like Reid during her newborn session that occurred 18 months ago. Reid stayed awake the ENTIRE session and was as content as could be. He watched my every move and when he was not checking me out he was very much into his mommy and daddy. I fell in love with the third member of this family.  Luke, a beautiful yellow lab was everywhere we were. He loves Reid, tries to give him kisses and will even allow Reid to take a (supervised :) nap right next to him. I love it when the furry members of the family get to be a part as well. Thank you all for allowing me to document some time of you all together! Reid is PRECIOUS!



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Sometimes it is hard to pick favorites so here is just a random selection. Be sure to check out the slideshow for much much more!

I love bassinets that take on a colossal size once a newborn is placed inside…

daddies who are involved…

a guard dog in the (gorgeous!!!) nursery

brand new-newborn eyes…

first smiles…

big pacies on little bitty bodies…

and families who are head over heels in love with their brand new baby!


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  1. Becca says:

    Brittany,thanks for doing an excellent job of recording such a special time in our lives. I will cherish these photos forever! I really love the picture of Luke licking Reid’s foot. So glad you caught that one. Thanks!

  2. jennifer froehlich says:

    THESE ARE PRECIOUS!!!!!! I love them!!!!! Reid is a doll!!!! You got some wonderful family shots Brittany!!

  3. […] stinking adorable and so very laid back. Laid back babies frequently populate from this home. Three and a half years ago I was saying the exact same thing about Audrey Kate’s big brother, … Reid was content as could be and stayed awake the entire session. Audrey Kate was perfectly content […]

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