jenna 4yrs . sarah audrey 3 mths

Jenna at 4 and Sarah at 3 mths…seems like a world apart in age, but this is the only time that this will be. I have a special place in my heart for sisters.¬† I have three you see. Being a surprise, there is a ten plus year age difference between myself and my siblings. A huge age difference compared¬† to Jenna and Sarah, but my point is, no matter the age difference, there is nothing like sisters! I love mine dearly and I know Jenna loves hers. Amongst dressing dolls, reading stories, ring-around-the-roses, playing Candyland all with mommy and daddy or drawing a picture, or doing a little gymnastics Jenna found time for her little sister. A small kiss. A little snuggle. Jenna showed her little sister that she cared. These two are going to be best friends.

Jenna, I hope these pictures allow you to remember just what it was like to be four. How you were carefree. How you played with your mommy and daddy and how you loved your brand new baby sister.

Sisters by Chance. Friends by Choice.

{It must be noted. I love how Jenna plays with her daddy’s watch when he reads her a story. I love the little things.}

P.S. I hope you love your slideshow. Click Here.

I have many many favorites, but just sharing one within the post tonight (time to go to bed :)


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  1. jennifer froehlich says:

    ok, it seems that all brittany’s slideshows make me cry…a mix between the precious subjects and dear friends she shoots, the amazing shots she gets, and the creative music choices combined are the cause… :) anyway, i love this slideshow and my tear jerkers were the 2 of the sisters on the bed head to head…and the one w/ the family up dancing holding hands and sarah sitting in the bumbo watching, priceless!!!!!!!!

  2. Anne Hooser says:


    this was GREAT! you did a beautiful job and the life you caught in all of them was beautiful!

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