I recently met Hannah through Shelby (who accompanied us on the shoot and is actually in a couple of the slideshow shots :),Jackson’s aunt. Was that confusing? :)  Thank you, Shelby, for introducing me to the fabulous Hannah. I already loved your family and now I love your friends too!

Love Hannah! How could anyone not!?! She is sweet. Smiles incessantly. Has the most gorgeous blue eyes. Loves soccer and basketball. Speaking of that, as soon as she got home from prom last year she did not even wait to change out of her prom dress to shoot some hoops. Love that! Hannah, it was so very nice to meet you! You are awesome!

Hope you enjoy your slideshow! Click HERE.

Everyone, make sure to stay tuned till the end. Hannah and Shelby did something a little out of the ordinary to end the session :)

Gorgeous blue eyes is an understatement, right?

Hannah, you are so beautiful inside and out!


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  1. Diane Farlett says:

    Wow! This was definately worth the wait! Thank you so much for capturing Hannah’s smile and personality. The pictures are beautiful!!

  2. Eliz Farlett says:

    Hannah is my niece so I have watched her grow from a beautiful child to a beautiful young woman. These are stunning – you have truly captured the beauty of Hannah in a very special way! What talent you have!

  3. Denise says:

    Wow! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young woman!

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