ava & lucy . twins

I thought life with twins (especially the identical kind) would look crazy. Unorganized. Chaotic.

But, with this family it looks quite the opposite. I would more describe it as  laid back, yet structured. Routine, yet spontaneous. This life is loving. This life is BEAUTIFUL.

Jodi and Aaron are the PERFECT parents for twins. They LOVE LOVE LOVE their girls, so much so, they said they would do it again and I am not talking about just have another baby. They said they would not even mind having another set of twins and people you may think they are crazy, but I witnessed a day in their life and let me tell you…they could handle it. This mommy and this daddy have this twin thing down pat.

I want all girls. They are the best. Anyone who knows me knows I say this all the time and of course I will be the one who has a boy next and will then think boys are the most fabulous thing ever. So yes, I acknowledge, my current partiality, but seriously with twin baby girls…I was in heaven…just sweet cuddly cuteness. Times Two.

On a sidenote: {As a photographer, one would *think* I would have the latest and greatest pictures up of my own little sweetheart all around our house, but I don’t. This to say that you would *think* that, Aaron, a fine wood craftsman would have many of his own handmade creations around his house, but he doesn’t. Thank goodness we both have websites that do the showcasing for us. It is definitely worth the click if you want to check out Cabeen Originals. Describing him as talented would be an understatement!}

Okay, now to meet the ladies. . .

Meet Ava and Lucy (and yes, I can totally tell them a part. Did NOT think I would be able to upon the first introduction and seriously I am going to be completely crushed if I end up sticking my foot in my mouth and  Ava is Lucy and Lucy is Ava, but I guess we will just have to see . . .runonsentence)

And to go along with being all over the place tonight I want to throw in that you must note the bumper sticker on Jodi’s MacBook :)

Hope you love your slideshow as in, almost, just almost as much as you love your girls. Okay so the slideshow doesn’t stand a chance :) Click HERE!

I am so bad at picking favorites. How can I choose from double the adorableness??? So…two random favs…the first is Lucy and the second is Ava. Can you tell them apart? Didn’t think so, but check out the slideshow for the full sneak peek of OVER a hundred pics and maybe that will help you out a bit.


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  1. Whitney says:

    Love the pictures of Ava and Lucy. They are adorable. Brittany you are extremely talented. Tim and I actually met Aaron and Jodi at Erlanger. Sophie was in the NICU with these precious twins. What a small world.

  2. Aaron says:

    Brittany, when Jodi showed me your website for the first time, I thought you were talented for sure. Then seeing these pictures of our girls (we have viewed the slideshow several times just today) you make it look like we are living a dream, which we are. I cannot explain to you how much these mean to us. I literally cry every time I see these. Thank you so much for being so warm here in our home and taking such great pictures. These will live on in my heart forever.

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