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Almost losing our friendship before it even started over an intense game of monopoly played by our fellas almost 10 years ago, going on multiple vacations and cruises together as The Montikers (a collaboration of our surnames), and now sharing the births of our sweet little girls exactly 18mths apart (Becca and I recently realized that she and I are exactly 18mths apart too!) has all brought our family and this family really close.

Thinking about a decade of friendship and memories makes me excited about the possibilities the next ten years will hold. We are so thankful to have you three in our lives and think that Gabriella Paige Whitaker is the most beautiful (newborn, Ada is 19mths afterall) girl in the world.

I hope you love! Here is your slideshow sneak peek!

Love you!


Love all the affection that Brent showed towards his brand new baby.

Gabbie, you are A-dorable!

Love this family portrait :) Fletcher and Fiona are doing awesome with their brand new little sis!

I feel love in this one

A perfectly fun rug. A shot for scale.

Gabbie was wearing a gift from Aunt Jen. A custom onesie made with love by my favorite Tobi of Ivey Handcrafted! love!

Gabbie is good at making funny faces. Her Mamaw calls Gabbie her little monkey. Gabbie is making a perfect monkey face in a shot feature in the slideshow :)

Makes me smile…


Looks like Brent and Becca are having a conversation in their own secret language.

I think she is in a milk drunk coma. . .

love love love…nothing better than newborn noses and cold wet puppy dog noses!

:) three are precious!

Daddies and daughters….aah!


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  1. Love love love these. These pics are fantastic. I am so proud that little Gabbie has something of mine. You know I love the ones with the schnauzers :) They melt my heart :)

  2. Becca says:

    Aw these are amazing. I love that you did these just 7 days after her birthdate because it helps me remember to cherish every single minute because her little life is changing so quickly. Thank you, Brittany. As always, you did an amazing job and I am so grateful to have you as a best friend. I hope that our girls get to experience the true friendship you show me so frequently.
    Thank you!! Hugs – b

  3. Brooke says:

    Brittany these are so beautiful!! What an absolutely gorgeous family. You’re right… you can feel the love. It makes me so excited for mine- that is if the rain EVER quits! Incredible job.

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