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Tucked away in my iTunes playlist, I had the most perfect song reserved for this very session. French lyrics, fun fast beat, perfect for a high fashion run way. Seriously the perfect song for this perfect session. Curiosity got the best of me so I googled the english version of the lyrics and found the most fowl words I had ever heard in a song. Applauded I quickly went to the polar opposite end of the musical spectrum. Holly loves Taylor Swift and actually kinda looks like her too. Which is most definitely a compliment to both parties who are ARKM gorgeous!!! So yeah, now the perfect Taylor Swift song has become the background for the perfect session.

Holly is a fashionista. Needless to say I had a little, okay big-time wardrobe envy after this shoot. Holly actually left one of her outfits in my car and I thought about hijacking and wearing it before giving it back. Just kidding, Holly. Okay, so the thought DID cross my mind, but who was I kidding…like I could ever fit into any of her clothes. Holly I had a blast and I know you will succeed in fashion merchandising, but know that you always have a career in modeling to fall back on. You are awesome!

Hope you love your slideshow! Click HERE!

my favorite from the shoot…

incredibly awesome red boots…check

AYKM with those eyes!

I love this one…It reminds me of old school hollywood for some reason.

you are b-e-u-ti-ful!

laying in the middle of a traffic-y street to get a super cool shoot…check

Class of 2010

Can you see why I had wardrobe envy? Actually forget the clothes. Can I just have the boots? All of them? Please?

you look 6 feet tall in this shot

this one reminds me of Taylor Swift

Very last shot of the day. Modeling career…cha-yeah!


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  1. Meg says:

    Brittany I love these! What a fresh take on that area of town, cool angles!

  2. […] did Nick’s sister’s senior session almost exactly 2 years ago and it still goes down as one of my all time faves. I got to see Holly […]

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