mary katherine . senior

Exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. I have just not been able to wake nor stay awake lately. A too full calender and sleepy rainy weather have definitely been the culprits. It just started raining once again here, but so glad I have been able to combat a nap long enough to finish getting this post up today…at last.

Mary Katherine is a fun loving beautiful girl with huge ambitions for life, a love for both sun and snow and has a huge obsession with the sky. Had so much fun hanging out with you, your mom and sister during your session.

Hope you love your slideshow!

I forewarned you…she’s beautiful!

classic beauty!

your smile was rampant and extremely contagious…


this blue makes your incredible brown eyes pop!

NYC..yeah right! The next best thing…oh yeah! Work it!

Class of 2-0-1-0!

Thanks MK! You are awesome! Hugs!



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  1. Amy says:

    I can’t believe what a beautiful young woman you’ve grown up to be Mary Katherine! Seems like yesterday you were in day camp. I still think about you and Sarah Beth being my inspiration for using a double name with my little girl!

    Brittany, fantastic job as always. :) My favorite is the one of her laying in the grass looking up/to the side. Just a classic MK look to me. :)

  2. Jody Riggs says:


    These are beautiful! Thank you not only for creatively capturing the essence of who Mary Katherine is….but also for making it all so much fun! You are amazingly talented and we are grateful that you share this gift with others.

  3. Uncle David says:

    Mary Katherine has evolved from a cute little girl into a lovely young woman. It has been a pleasure watching her grow. Of course, I am biased, and as her favorite uncle, won’t even fake an attempt to declare otherwise. I am equally proud of her intellect and character.

    Good job Brittany… are gifted.

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