daniel . class of 2010

Daniel is the complete opposite of the other seniors I have photographed this year. The biggest difference being gender and instead of handbags this senior session featured a GMC truck. I had a great time with Daniel. He complied with all of my direction and even had a few ideas of his own. He took me to a more than beautiful farm that he works every weekend. We fished, went off road, rode a tractor, shot a bow and arrow and just enjoyed the beautiful blue skies and the green green grass. Thank you Daniel for such a great session.

Hope you enjoy your slideshow! Click here.

P.S. Though some of my favorites, I could not get any of my vertical shots to look right in the blog post. So, with a twitching eye I am just going to have to figure that out later. Check out the slideshow for more of my favorites.

Love the serenity that this picture portrays

As cheesy as it may sound, every glimpse of this shot my mind starts singing “Blue skies smiling at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see”. (we need a little blue skies after the way this week has gone :)

So there are several of his truck, but what 18 year old with a truck does not love it? My husband reminded me that he had a truck in H.S. and felt the exact same way about it.

Daniel is a very handsome guy!

One more of the truck for good measure ;)


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  1. Helen Wilson says:

    I just can,t believe Daniel has grown up this fast. He looks like a little Tim. He sure is a good looking boy. I still have the note he and his brother wrote me thanking me for saving them bottle caps. My how time flies. Good luck in you future Daniel….

  2. Becca says:

    My, how you’ve grown up Daniel. I will always remember the fun summer days of babysitting you and Corey, the two cutest, funniest, red-headed, freckled brothers. And of course, the funny speed bump story…glad you were still back there! I am proud of the handsome, well-mannered young man that you’ve become. I hope you enjoy all that life has in store for you. Brittany, great job, as always, on the pictures.

  3. jenn froehlich says:

    These are awesome Brittany!! And the song couldnt be more perfect!!! You’re so creative!!

  4. Sheri says:

    Oh Daniel, these pics are so awesome. You look so grown up. It really is sad in a way. But they look great. You are adorable that is for sure.

  5. Ernie and Sandy says:

    Daniel We enjoyed the pictures. We just can’t believe how fast time has gone by. We know your mom and Dad are proud of you and so are we.We wish the best for you in the future.

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