hodnett family

A picture perfect family…two handsome boys capped off by one beautiful girl, add in wonderful parents and two fun loving grandparents and you have the Hodnett Family.

Hope you love your slideshow!

Cathy, you are absolutely beautiful! I wish I remembered what Derek was laughing about. He is not yet aware what his middle child is doing behind him :)

Okay, so I typically say I want all girls, but it was really fun hearing about how protective these two good looking brothers are over their beautiful little sister. So maybe a couple of stinky boys wouldn’t be so bad after all :)

You five are fabulous!

This shot is for Derek. He is an engineer afterall, who I made very nervous at times during the shot with my erratic and sometimes clumsy behavior :)

You two are adorable!

How cool would this shot be blown up on a canvas and put in a family rec room?

This is one hip Nana and her grand-kids of course love her. Check out the slideshow to see the back of their t-shirts and its special message for their Nana. T-Shirts purchased from our local custard shoppe, Nana’s Custard.

Thank you each for your fabulous-ness! I had a wonderful time with you all!


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