hampton family

You met Molly when she was born and the moment Reed first met his little sister, saw them again in the comfort of their own home, with one set of grandparents and now the other. It has been wonderful to have these two smiling faces making such a frequent appearance around these parts.

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P.S. Just in case you missed the previous memo, Molly and Reed’s mom designed my fabulous blog :)

Generations make me happy. . .

Love the light…

Daddies smitten with their daughters are the best . . .

Love the family shadow. . .

How cute is it that Reed and his Daddy are perfectly in sync?

Hi Reed-Man!

AYKM with those eyes Molly-girl!?!…and that face!?!? :)

A family portrait consisting of four generations. . .

Love the interaction in this one :)

and the interaction in this one…so typical b-o-y! :)

I like this one and can not pinpoint exactly why :)

Mommies and their daughters are pretty terrific too. Molly is ticklish :)

This one makes me smile :)

Love the reflection in the glass that emphasizes Reed’s excitement

Reed almost decided to forgo ice cream and stay on the horse.

I can not get enough of this girls gorgeous eyes….

…seriously! I love brand-new along side well seasoned :)


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  1. Corneice says:

    I especially love the one of my Mom giving Molly a kiss and the one of my Dad with Reed looking through the glass! You have helped capture the love of generations in these photos. Thanks so much!

  2. Pat Twiggs says:

    Through these pictures you see the family love and closeness that you all have with each other. Something that many today families do not have. This is such a beautiful family and thank you for sharing with me. Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays. Warmest Regards, Pat

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