jax . 2yrs old

An almost 3 yrd old little guy greeted me at the door. His two furry friends lapped their tails against his little legs and he smiled the sweetest smile that rarely disappeared during my extended stay. To accompany the sweet smile came two soulful eyes. Two dark brown beautiful eyes that told a story of happiness that matched his crescent shaped grin. I fell in love with this little guy instantaneously and his family just as quickly. Their story beautiful and it is a chapter we would like written in our own narrative one day.

Dictionary.com defines joy as, “the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation” and I think this post goes a little something like that….

Hope you love your slideshow! Click HERE

(I love the song featured on the slideshow. I was listening to the songs on Jaime’s (Jax’s mommy) blog while writing this post and the song came on which was complete confirmation :)

Meet Jax. An absolutely adorable soon-to-be 3 yr old. . .

Have you seen a happier face today? I doubt it :)

Jax blew bubbles with his Neena and had a very successful attempt…blowing bubbles in his Neena’s face lead to. . .

. . .these priceless faces . . .

I would love a picture like this of me and my dad. . .

Jax, could you get any cuter? Not a chance. You are absolutely adorable!!!

Jax with his mommy and daddy. I love each expresssion!

I think this one might be my favorite. . .

hmm. . .or maybe this one. . .

. . .or this one perhaps.

Yes, Jaime’s legs are off the ground in excitement. Love this girl!

Are you kidding me with these expressions! Jax you are fabulous!


These two are two peas in a pod. . .

. . .don’t you think?!?

You three make me smile. . .

Love his little shirt, “Recycling is Rad” and those kisses from mommy are pretty dang fabulous too :)

Seriously…Jax had this face plastered on his sweet face almost the entire time. Check out the sneak peek slideshow to see for sure.

Jax, you are so little big :)

Thank you for finding me, Jaime. . .for trusting me with your family. . .your memories. . .I feel so blessed to have met each of you!


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