mallory . 14mths

RoundandRoundandRoundandRound Web host-er (not a word, but today…for will be) internet provider. Web-hoster no, internet provider. Alas, a little thing called the wireless router ended up the culprit. Oh my! I am a little dizzy. Glad it only took multiple exhaustive phone calls to both companies, a trip to a friend’s and a precious commodity called time (12 hours of it to be exact). In the end I am just so hap-hap-happy that the mirage has finally turned into a true oasis…I am up and running again! Thank you Mallory and family for being so very patient with moi today. I had intended to do this unveiling, um yeah those 12+ hours ago.


Mallory, the girl with the big beautiful blues and the most beautiful snow white complexion. The girl who would walk around from dawn to dusk hand and hand with either mum or dad or both. Who loves to walk on her tippy-toes while incorporating this hand holding method. Who loves her wagon and loves puppies. The little girl who loves to climb and loves her pacey even more.

Thank you three for meeting up with me. It was so nice to hang out and document this beautiful time in Mallory’s life.

Hope you love your slideshow! Click HERE

Miss Mallory



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  1. Terri Tock says:

    I am Mallory’s maternal grandmother and just love these photographs of her and her beautiful parents. I shared the link with my FB friends – most of us are in the Midwest and many commented on how you captured her awesome personality. Several wondered if you have colleagues in our area so they could do the same with their families.

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