the haga family

What a delightful family! I feel extra blessed that I was able to meet up with three generations! The three youngest consisted of Tyler who is most definitely the caring big brother. Sweetness just exuded from his 6 year old body. Natalie is the beauty in the middle of her two brothers. She is both girly girl and tom boy. Fingernails perfectly painted, baby in hand, but she knows how to dribble a soccer ball and can hold her own amongst her brothers with baby in tow! At 2 and a 1/2, Bryson is the youngest of the siblings and is a smiley care free little guy. Always sporting a smile he goes with the flow, but most definitely is on the heels of one of his older siblings most of the time.

Haga Family, you all are wonderful! Such a sweet family and I love your playful interactions with each other. So awesome to meet each of you. Hope you enjoy your slideshow! Click HERE.


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