tucker . 18 months

My entire life my family has been obsessed with ice cream. For tonight for example, we were at my parents house (my sisters included) and we devoured 2 half gallons of ice cream within 13 minutes of popping the lids. We even claim that ice cream saved my dad’s life. He was in a near fatal tractor accident years ago and just about everything was injured minus his bones which were safeguarded by all the calcium in the ice cream he has ingested, of course. The love for ice cream is very public. For my birthday this year a friend gave me gift cards to all of the ice cream shops downtown and drew a map (how cute and clever)! The hubs and I even planned an ice cream tour along the east coast to visit the home quarters to America’s favorite ice cream facilities.  All this to say, on a normal day in my past I would have claimed my family was hands down the biggest ice cream lovers in the world, but this little family definitely gives us some competition. Thankfully they are great friends so they share any delightful creamy goodness they get their hands on, okay well much of the time.

Clumpies is hands-down this families fav! Jennifer even received a hand delivered pint of ice cream from Clumpies when she was in the hospital the week Tucker was born. We ended the session this local ice cream shoppe favorite. Fabulous family + ice cream = pretty much perfection! Love the images that transpired.

This little family of three is very dear to us! Their Tucker and our Ada are less than two months apart and are besties!I love to see them squeal from excitement upon seeing each other in a given day. You three are fabulous and we are so very thankful to have you in our lives!

Much Love!


P.S. Hope you LOVE your sneak peek SLIDESHOW! Click HERE!!!

Don’t forget to get the full sneak peek by checking out the slideshow, HERE!


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  1. awesome photos – I can’t decide which are my favorites – but I think the ones in Clumpies – the lighting is AWESOME! Great work and beautiful family.

  2. Jennifer Froehlich says:

    THANK YOU BRITTANY!!! Once again, you’ve made me cry… :) You are awesome and we LOVE how you captured our family!!!!! Next photoshoot will be in April for our new family of FOUR!! :)

  3. Kristen and Jay says:

    Those are BEAUTIFUL!! I’m going to see if Jay will consider something like this. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Shannon Hamaker says:

    WOW…that first picture got me right away with those big blue eyes!! Brittany you should take those pics to Clumpies, I bet they would pay you big bucks for some advertising pics! LOL! Love all of them and once again I had some tears…

  5. Marcella Froehlich says:

    Brittany, I loved the slide show. You do an awesome job of capturing the moment. Your compositions are so unique. I thoroughly enjoyed it! See you in 2010!

  6. Pat Miles / UTC Alumni says:

    These are great photos! I love his little teeth showing too. He’s getting so big already. It’s almost time for a follow up photo shoot with Asher and the fam.

  7. Tami Powell says:

    Amazing! I loved these photos! What a beautiful family. Brittany, you did a phenominal job:)

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