rachel . class of 2010

I love Rachel’s soulful personality . . . so down to earth . . . so real.

Here is a little excerpt from Rachel:

“…who thinks her friends are the greatest and will defend them always, who likes to babysit, who loves to draw and paint, who likes to win, who is scared of driving and thunderstorms, who believes in Christ with all her heart.”

This is only a small portion of her FB about me and is only a small example of her multi-faceted personality.

I had so much fun with you Rachel! You rocked your session!

Hope you love your slideshow! Click HERE.


Don’t forget to check out Rachel’s slideshow by clicking HERE.


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7 Responses to “rachel . class of 2010”

  1. Sean says:

    I loooove where you went with these, Brittany! There are four or five right in the middle of this series with the white bench & table outside that are just gorgeous! Love them all though, wonderful feeling series!

  2. Anna says:

    Awesome photography! The ones of her in the plaid jacket with her eyes close up are amazing!

  3. These photos are so precious. Absolutely beautiful. The one where she is painting is my favorite. What a fantastic room. Really lovely

  4. Tracy Laulhere says:

    Really beautiful photos. I’m looking forward to meeting you next month at the workshop!

  5. Caitlin says:

    loooove the one where she’s painting, what an awesome idea!

  6. These are lovely. Beautiful girl. I love the one of her painting and the backlight catching her hair. Very nice!

  7. Sandra Babb says:

    Very impressive photography and Rachel is a lovely subject to capture. Of course I like the one taken in my studio, but the ones of her eyes and smile are favs too. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the one of Rachel painting as I didn’t remember that one! I’ve love to put that one on my blog. How?
    Sandra B

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