emily + travis {married}

Far from their first days together that began with several feet in distance on the couch, this couple has impeccable chemistry chalk full of happiness and emotion. If one had never met Emily and Travis they still could blatantly tell that on their wedding day. . .they were happy. A happiness that evoked emotion and a happiness that made smile muscles ache. An emotional day always draws me to using primarily black and white. Color, which can sometimes be distracting, when absent puts more focus on the emotion of a picture. Therefore you will see see a large part of this post is absent of color.

While the ceremony was full of emotion, the reception was strictly party. From the bridesmaids singing “Oh Maria” to Travis’ fraternity brothers singing an initiation to his bride to non stop dancing in between, Emily & Travis’ reception was non stop fun! {Complete side note: I was singing “Oh Maria” tonight and Ada kept saying “more, more”. Jimmy commented that it is the first time he has ever heard anyone ask me to sing more. In all honesty I really can’t sing and Ada was laughing every time I started up again, so I am pretty sure she agrees.}

Emily and Travis if your wedding day was any indication, you two have a long incredibly happy life together. I wish you all the best!!!

For Emily and Travis’ wedding slide show, click HERE.

I am convinced I could not even had paid Emily to not-smile on her wedding day and I love that fact about her!

You can find Emily’s gorgeous gown through Boutique Couture.

Wedding details by Darla Seymour

A last minute adjustment by the beautiful bride before she proceeded to see her groom.

I think it is safe to say Travis was very happy to see his bride.

The girls found a perfect spot perched in the window to witness Emily and Travis’ first look.

Did I mention the day was filled with happiness? Emily was surrounded by her sister and closest friends.

This completely unprompted moment has to be my all time favorite interaction between a bride and her daddy. I.-Love-This! It was definitely an emotional day for both, but they carved out small portions of their day just for them.

The low-lite church offered an intimate feel to a very crowded church.

As mentioned prior, it was an emotional day and I am thankful the emotion in this shot was captured.

It was if like most little girls, this flower girl was dreaming about a wedding one day, just for her.

What a great addition to the couple’s reception site, a personalized marquee. . .

Wedding Coordinator: Kelly Drayer

Flowers: Darla Seymour

Cake: Jackson’s Bakery

Wedding Dress: Boutique Couture

Hair: Maegan Gooden with Pink Pineapple

For many many more pictures of Emily & Travis’ wedding be sure to check out their slide show by clicking HERE.

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  1. gina says:

    love those “first look” images. so real.

  2. Sean says:

    Agreed on the first look images, easily some of my favourites. The shot of them both smiling with their teeth – absolutely priceless. Incredible series of photography, Brittany. So impressed.

  3. Barbara & Jim says:

    Beautiful pictures. Brought tears to our eyes.

  4. Jill says:

    Brittany ~

    I had only seen your photos in our mutual friends homes until now! WoW Your work is really amazing… There is something they say about artists that I think reigns true… You either have it or you don’t… Somethings just can’t be taught… That is definitely true with your amazing photographic images.. I love them all…

  5. ashleigh says:

    So beautiful!!! great job brittany!!!

  6. Eric McCarty says:

    Flower girl shot is stellar!

  7. great goodthis publish deserves nothing :( hahaha just joking :P nice post :P

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