ty . 2 years old {birthday party}

Whoever said little boy’s birthday parties can’t be cute, did not attend Ty’s 2nd birthday. Wow, this is the cutest boy’s birthday party idea I have ever seen. Ty’s mom spared no detail in this adorable theme for her little bug. My favorite by far was the fabulous party favors complete with a personal shovel and the most delectable dirt I have ever devoured. Perfectly coordinated birthday invitations were designed by Ty’s Aunt, the owner of Shortcake Stationery. Not only was Ty’s part overrun with creative cuteness, it was so much fun. This little guy is so loved and had many guests who came to celebrate with him to prove it! The following is a small taste of the fun faces that came to his party. You can see many more by checking out his slideshow by CLICKING HERE.

Bugs & kisses…are you kidding me with this cuteness!?!?!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ty! Muah!

P.S. You can find the artist behind Ty’s slide show song here (itunes link). I will reveal who it is tomorrow after Ty’s family has view this post!

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  1. ashleigh says:

    what a cute party!!!!!! great pics as per usual ;)

  2. what a super cute theme for a party. love this! your details are amazing.

  3. oh I made something for Ty before :) It has already been that long…..he has grown up so much – these are great pics and awesome details!!!

  4. Becca says:

    ok for sure my favorite birthday party theme BY FAR!! Love it and LOVE the creativity. Awesome.

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