ava & lucy . one year {twins}

Ava and Lucy are two very adorable girls who are identical twins. I can officially tell them apart even when they do not have their personalized Ivey Handcrafted tees. The first time I met the girls, 6 mths ago, I definitely could not tell the cuties apart.

The twins have grown up so much and are absolutely adorable. Ava melted my heart when she played peek-a-boo with her daddy and also when she blew her mommy kisses. Lucy, the snuggle bug, both hugged and kissed her sister…precious! The girls crawl in sync (see slideshow), are on the verge of walking. They have come along way from their first weeks of life spent in the NICU.

Hope you love your sneak peek slides how!

Lucy & Ava’s Daddy built them a large bird feeder (A very small project compared to the typical things Aaron is working on. Check out Cabeen Orgininals)for their birthday since they love birds so much. Here they are peering over it.

Here are the aforementioned Ivey Handcrafted tees. Tobi Jo, as soon as I don’t think there is anyway you could possibly outdo your previous creation. . .love these!!!

Girls, you bort are so very precious and I hope you can look back at these pictures and see what a wonderful life you lived at merely one year old! Muah!


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8 Responses to “ava & lucy . one year {twins}”

  1. Sia McDonald says:

    beautiful work…as always!

  2. Sean says:

    Your photography makes me smile. It’s unscripted, and genuine – and I love how that fits together in your work. I’m always amazed at how creativity flows through you too, there is SO much beautiful variety. Nothing lacks, I love it :)

  3. absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful family and you captured their love for one another perfectly. You too outdid yourself too :) I LOVE YOU thanks for your continued support of Ivey Handcrafted.

  4. Aaron says:

    Brittany, again, you have pushed your level beyond our expectations. You blend in during the shoot and bring a magic before our eyes that we only feel in our hearts about our family. We are blessed to have these and to know you as a friend.


  5. anna kim says:

    LOL! the picture w/the lips against the window made me laugh! love all the pics!!

  6. Wales Wong says:

    wow, amazing, I love the photos. the kids look way too cute and your pictures are beautifully crisp!

  7. Becca says:

    SERIOUSLY?! Love these pictures – however it is dangerous because it is igniting my desire to have twins!! Love it. Great job as always. LOVE the one of them with their red converse. so cute!

  8. Michelle says:

    What adorable little girls! I love the one of them giving kisses to each other. Again, you capture “life” so well! I envy you. Missed looking at your work while on vacation, but so sweet to get caught up on your work again!

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