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It was a typical hot, sultry day in May and there was a young 21-year old fresh college graduate wearing the only suit he had. Walking around, knocking on doors, trying to sweet talk the receptionist into an interview. He was pursuing a dream he had had since he was 12, after he won a stock market competition. The dream was to become a stock analyst and this was the last step after getting a degree in Finance. After getting married in Chattanooga, he figured it was best to raise a family here in Chattanooga than in New York or London. After countless knocked doors, he finally connected to a special receptionist that just so happened to live a couple of blocks away. That sweet “gatekeeper” was Emily Knoch and the young fresh college graduate was my hubs. Even though they don’t work together anymore, we are still neighbors and remain great friends.

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Emily’s entire clan. Mitch lives in New York with his finance Noelle &  their furbabies, while Kevin lives in Arizona with wife Kerry Ann & their son Keegan and Sean lives in Washington with wife Lauren & children Kiley and Brady (and no you are not seeing double…Kevin and Sean are twins :). Due to the large family I brought hubs along to his first family shoot and we took about as many pictures as many photographers take at a wedding…ha! We had such a good time we almost stayed the night! Emily thanks for getting my hubs his first job after college and the opportunity to document your family this spring.

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  1. Emily says:

    Thanks Brittany and Jimmy – these are beautiful pics of beautiful memories… can’t wait to see the other 2000!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lauren Clisham says:

    LOVE the photos!! They are really amazing!! Thank you so much!

  3. ellie says:

    great bokeh in those shots

  4. Beautifully done Brittany!! Love these!

  5. what a gorgeous family – These photos really tell the story of an awesome family! Way to go

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