emily & kacie . sisters {anytime}

Sisters are fabulous! I have three of them myself and really really hope Ada has one, two or perhaps three someday. These two think sisters are pretty fabulous as well and I think these two are fabulous. Not only are they both beautiful, but they are such sweet and oh so fun girls. This was a surprise for their mom for Mother’s Day and while their gallery was received several weeks ago it is time to at last showcase their session on the bliggity blog.  Hope you love your slideshow :)

P.S. I am coming at this blog with a vengeance this week so consider yourself forewarned. . .ra ha ha {evil laugh}

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  1. sean says:

    absolutely stunning! love how you approached the shoot, and love the poses in all of these! i love that second shot! awesome, brittany!

  2. How fun to photograph the relationship of sisters. Great pictures!

  3. Kels (as Emily refers) says:

    OMG! L O V E them.. awesome fab GORGEOUS GIRLS <3 ya'll and <3 the photographer..

    p.s. Happy Belated Bday Britt!!

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