will + jill {chattanooga engagement photographer}

He played a guitar in a band and she thought he was pretty hot. They hung out through mutual friends and Jill may or may not ;) have coaxed said friends into orchestrating the set up. During said setup (or not:) they played their fair share of Frisbee and pretty much “dated” 2 months before they started dating. Ya know what I’m saying?

His proposal was quicker than expected. He just could not wait any longer. While a valentine engagement was not something he expected and possibly thought was a bit cliche, it ended up being the perfect timing. The church was studying commitment and he and the remainder of the worship band at church made a video speaking about commitment. The beginning of the video he walked into the church and the video then panned off and he physically walked into the church. He walked up on stage. Said a few words and while Jill was on stage with him he asked her to marry him. She was pleasantly VERY surprised and most definitely said yes! Along with just knowing and not being able to wait comes a short engagement, because when you know, why wait, ya know? :)

So the following is what we came up with for Will and Jill’s engagement session. A couple with mounds of character and spunk. I had SO much fun shooting this couple! Seriously, you two are fantastic and can not wait to share in your wedding at the end of this month!

P.S. Check out Will & Jill’s Engagement Session via slideshow by clicking HERE

You two are seriously presh!

I kinda love this bike. . .It was my mother-in-laws when she was a little girl. . .a little red vintage tandem schwinn. . .seriously kinda love this thing! Here are some pictures that our family photographer took of us earlier this year with this same bike.

Will and Jill found these initials on a random wall in downtown Chattanooga. The initials kinda spoke to them,

Did I mention you two are presh? Cuz you are!

These are some staches and lips that I made for a project that is taking way too long to launch, so had to use them on Will and Jill cause they can rock the stache and oversized red lips

See even Jill can rock a stache!

These two are like two grown up kids. They are responsible fabulous adults, but really know how to have a good time so on my way out the door to meet them I saw Ada’s chalk and thought ya know, W & J would totally go for some chalk…and they did.

After tromping around photographing in random spots of downtown Chattanooga we headed to Will’s place of employment, Southtree and I feel in love with this swanky joint.

Will and Jill say they were born a couple of decades late because they love old school and I love the props they brought to show just that. Vinyl records coupled with a vintage video camera and camera. . .yum!

Jill, you are flippin’ beautiful and have I told you enough how much I love the flower in your hair? Cuz I do! These two have some serious style!

Fun with cameras. . .yup, I love these two and their fabulousness!

I think this has to be my favorite of the day. . .Huge Canvas? I think so!

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  1. Nice set of portraits- love the sunset ones- seems this style of social photography has caught on both sides of the Atlantic- Grant

  2. Mike Hilton says:

    Wow, these pictures are awesome. They totally capture the style and character of these two. We are so happy for Will&Jill, and so blessed to know them. They are such a loving and inspiring couple! Their lives rock!!

  3. tracy p. says:

    holy cow! These pics are brill! I especially love the ones on the bike and in the office…Will and Jill are so totally photogenic!

  4. Heather M. says:


  5. Tiffany Hilton says:

    You guys are so photogenic and very creative props! You are so sweet together and we are excited to see your relationship blossom! Love you guys and cant wait to see you tie the knot!

  6. Carol Gann says:

    Oh my!! These pictures will be cherished forever! They perfectly capture the spirit of love these two great kiddos share!

  7. Jimmy says:

    Vintage Bike + Vintage Cameras + AWESOME COUPLE = AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHS! I love the slideshow!!!!

  8. sean says:

    loved that first image so much after reading their story from you. i adore the images in the field as well, but what i love about these two are their real moments. everything is so pure. love the way you moncriefs photograph :)

  9. SteveLiedle says:

    Spectacular. Seem to capture the real Jill and Will. Thanks.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE! These are great and the couple looks like so much fun.

    btw – I have made felt lips and stache’s for a photo booth if you ever need more for photos ;) They are SO much fun!!!


  11. Judy Liedle says:

    These pictures are a treasure. Their dreamy quality truly capture the essence of Will and Jill and their love for each other. I especially love the ones on the bikes and at Will’s work place.

  12. Lindsey Hinkle says:

    Wowsers Brittany! You continue to top even your best work!

  13. Steve Mortonson says:

    Very creative poses and backdrops. Great pictures of a wonderful couple.

  14. Wow. Wow. Wow!! Nearly impossible to pick a favorite. These pictures make it abundantly obvious that Will & Jill belong together.
    I love their style. I love the photographers style.

    Yay for W&J!! You guys are too cool :)

  15. Lonnie Gann says:

    These are great pictures for a great couple. Congrats and well done!

  16. Renee P says:

    I love these pictures!!! What a wonderful couple :)

  17. Erin Liedle says:

    Spectacular photos! Neat tying in where will works into the photo shoot:) Looks like you two had fun and let your creative juices flow!

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