niko + alisha . married {morristown wedding photographer}

I had a fabulously fun time shooting their engagement session and their wedding was nothing short of perfection. Alisha and Niko, thank you SO much for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day!!! Hope you love your (super long) slideshow :) Click HERE and now to your super long blog post :)

Alisha, an interior designer, went over the top with all of the fabulous details of her wedding. Not only were many of the design ideas her own, but she also implemented much of the design herself including her save the dates and wedding invitations. How cute is Alisha with her “I do” on the bottom of her perfect ballet slippers. Love that she went non-traditional with a pop of color.

Laura, Matron of Honor and best friend of the bride, placed the same bracelet on Alisha’s wrist that Laura wore on her wedding day. Laura had forgotten a borrowed item on her wedding day, so she borrowed Alisha’s bracelet. The girls became a bit emotional with the nostalgia.

Alisha’s dress (Designer: Mikaella / A Wedding Wonderland in Knoxville) was absolutely gorgeous and I am loving what her seamstress did on the interior of the dress. . .

We had some extra time prior to the ceremony so we took advantage by doing some shots of Alisha looking absolutely fabulous on her wedding day!

Again, details were endless. I love the wine box Alisha chose to house her programs.

The causal and natural feel of the bouquets were perfect for this outdoor wedding. The twine used to wrap the stems made a perfect accent.

Alisha was a bit nervous and anxious prior to the ceremony, but overall just excited to see her groom!

The ring bearer stole my heart through his sweet tears as he walked down the aisle and then clung to his mom during the ceremony. Be sure to not the chap stick in his hand :)

Niko and Alisha’s wedding location was a amazing and means so much to the family. Niko’s family owned this property long ago and sold in to open up their fabulous restaurants.

People stood in eagerness to see the beautiful bride walk down the aisle

Alisha’s expression was priceless as she saw her groom for the first time on her wedding day.

Niko could not take his eyes off his bride and had a permanent smile the entire ceremony.

Again, fabulous details this wedding had. Alisha even hand painted the adorable “Niko & Alisha’s Wedding” sign.

My favorite detail of the day. . . the cake topper complete with Alisha and Niko’s weim, Bruno. Guess who hand painted these adorable adornments. . .Alisha :) (Cake by Sandy Engfron with Sandy’s Cakes)

Alisha’s priceless expression during Niko and Alisha’s first dance. Niko can always make Alisha laugh

This extraordinary wedding reception location is part of Angelos’, Niko’s brothers restaurant.

The kiddos at the wedding wanted to write Niko and Alisha some messages with their sparklers

This seriously was the most fun reception ever complete with traditional Greek dancing. I kept saying I wanted to die and come back Greek. These people know how to have and absolutely fabulous time!

Congrats Alisha and Niko! So excited for you in your new life together and I must say I am just a bit jealous of your epic honeymoon to the Greek Isles coming up next month! Have SO much fun!

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  1. sean says:

    i was actually just going to enjoy these quietly without commenting, but as it turns out – i can’t not tell you how much i adore what you guys do. what a gorgeous location for a wedding ceremony – outstanding, and captured perfectly of course. :)

  2. OK I’ve always said I never want to re-do my wedding or renew vows or anything – THIS wedding, however makes me change my mind!!! ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and SOO much fun. Love. It. And of course I have to comment on that beautiful wedding cake: stunning to say the least!! Great job as always capturing what definitely appeared to be THE wedding of the year.

  3. ashleigh says:

    what a great wedding brit!!! you did a fantastic job!!! miss you bunches. come back to la and we’ll get krean food AGAIN! hehehehe xoxooxo

  4. What a beautiful place to get married! I love the one of the ring bearer crying down the aisle! Too precious! Her cake was amazing and I LOVE the idea of the sparklers! You did an amazing job capturing her special day!

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