isaac + jackson + lucas . brothers

I did not know what to expect. I come from a family of girls. One was thirteen. Aren’t teenagers self absorbed and sometimes rough to be around? Whew, these three boys put all my fears aside. They were so much fun, kept me laughing and were very engaging in conversation. Isaac, Jackson and Lucas thanks so much for hanging out with me and allowing me to capture a taste of a day in your lives.

Hope you love your slideshow! Click HERE.

This is one of the first scenes I witnessed. Lucas has so much energy and is full of life!

A scene that can be found in any home with a mix of siblings and a gaming system. I love real life!

Isaac loves engines and fixing things.

In his prime

The boys Great Dane PUPPY makes Jackson look small

The boys planned an attack on their dad. So fun!

brotherly love

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  1. Lindsey Hinkle says:

    I’ve never had sisters so maybe I’m a bit biased, but there’s nothing like brothers! I love mine dearly :) Great photos Brittany… your black&whites are impecable!

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