carson . one year old {chattanooga lifestyle family photographer}

Carson is so super duper sweet and so very adorable. She is a serious little one year old that would spontaneously flash me the biggest and sweetest smile. We had so much fun roaming around Chattanooga’s Heritage Park and then heading to Bruster’s for Carson’s fist ever bit of ice cream that she actually did not really care for :)

Hope you guys love your slideshow! Click HERE.

Carson showing off her serious side…seriously cute side ;)

…and her great big smile and huge wave. I think she was waving at a dog :)

Carson is learning how to walk. Since the few days since our session she has already started taking off so I hear.

Carson loves her giraffe Sophie and I was love the light this evening provided

Love one year old kisses!

Beautiful beautiful girl!

I love random awesome connections!

I also love spaces between front teeth. Ada has a space between her front teeth and I hope she keeps it forever :) Carson, seriously you are so adorable with your scrunched up nose!

Carson wanted to slide just a little bit longer :)

…but soon got distracted :)

How can you not kiss those scrumptious cheeks?

I love her full pouty lips!

She loved sticking her head through the railing! She kept doing it and it was cracking me up!

First time for Bruster’s and first time for ice cream!

You still have a while until you have to give up the free cone, Carson.

She is not a fan!

She preferred just playing with the spoon!

Lastly, but most certainly not least! You MUST check out Limestone Films. Carson’s parents, Robert and Aston are videographers! They are doing incredible things! Be sure to keep an eye on these two and what they are up to. They have some huge things coming out very very soon! Brides be sure to check them out to document your wedding day!!!


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8 Responses to “carson . one year old {chattanooga lifestyle family photographer}”

  1. Lindsey Hinkle says:

    Those eyes! Gorgeous!

  2. Aston Miles says:

    Brittany, holy cow!!! You did such an amazing job! We absolutely loved them all. The more we scrolled down, the more we ooh’d and ahh’d. Carson was trying to lean into the computer screen and kiss herself. She was pleased too. Thank you so much for capturing our family. You did a great job!!

  3. Tina Laubscher says:

    Wow, what a great job! Precious memories!

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