christa + kenny . the wedding {chattanooga wedding photographer}

They knew each other in high school. Love interests, not necessarily at that moment. She moved away, but through a tragedy something beautiful came about. Facebook got the best of them and they fell in love. Knowing that marriage was meant to be, but not knowing when they forewarned their families that it would be an elopement of sorts. A pastor, 2 dear friends (one to sing and the other to counsel), their dog, Codie and 2 photographers on a remote dock on a beautiful river with the sun setting behind them. It was absolutely perfect! Meet Christa and Kenny. . .

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Christa looked very couture on her wedding day! I love her non-traditional modern look! Gorgeous Christa!

Cody was especially excited for the wedding day. He made sure to always be attentive for any and all of the excitement! P.S. Christa made her bouquet, because she is crafty and fabulous like that! I love the feather details!

More Cody, the little cutie!

Christa, you seriously are stunning!

I knew it was going to be a fabulous day as soon as I spotted Christa’s Manolo Blahniks. These shoes are complete perfection! Christa said, ” Some girls go for the dress. I went for the shoes!” LOVE this girl!

As the first look was about to take place Kenny closed his eyes in anticipation of seeing his bride. You can tell he is taking in the moment and envisioning what his beautiful bride could possibly look like.

Kenny’s smile says that Christa did not disappoint! He was so happy to see her at last. . .

. . . and she him!

Kenny walked his bride down the aisle. They started and completed their wedding ceremony together!

They seriously almost had me in tears. Such a beautiful ceremony. If you have never heard it then you have to check out the song “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham. An absolutely gorgeous song that started off the wedding ceremony.

I love the simplicity of the ceremony! Beautiful!

With the start time of the wedding Christa and Kenny decided they would like to do more pictures a different day. We had a great time!

What a great looking family! Love Cody!

You two are fierce!

With their fabulous wedding attire, these two looked like they were made to be in front of this “house”. (Hunter Art Museum)

You two are so fabulous! I really love your hearts! You are seriously two incredible souls!

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  1. Samantha says:

    Wow! Those are the hottest shoes!! They’re the same ones from the first Sex and the City movie! Great job on these.

  2. Whitney Lee says:

    LOVE the shot where the puppy’s face is in focus where the shoes are soft in the background!

  3. well I love this couple…..

    I mean they are beautiful and of course I love that they eloped….I wish I had of known you so you could have photographed mine -that was the only thing I regretted about that day…

    What gorgeous photos….

    and I have to say I want to eat that sweet puppy – what a doll!!!


  4. Cara Hicks says:

    Such a dream! You guys look great & what beautiful pictures that capture this simply fabulous day!

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