parker . 9 months old {chattanooga lifestyle family photographer}

You are so big now Parker! You can now crawl and pull up. You love bathtime and chase the water down the drain til the very last drop. Even more you love getting lotioned up after being in the bath. You however, do not like to change clothes, but that’s okay bc most guys don’t. You love snack time and sometimes find yourself putting your books in the snack time category. You are an adorable little guy and I can not believe you are already 9 months old!

Hope you guys love your slideshow! Click HERE.

This is the cute little naked man that greeted me up on my arrival.

Seriously cute bum Parker!

You look so little big in the bathtub!

lotion time!

So you were happy in this shot, but then you were ready to be clothed and let down to go. Seriously, most guys do not like to change clothes so no worries. We know you have things to do and people to see.

Oscar, Parker’s Yorker puppy gave Parker a kiss right before this shot (you can view it in the slideshow). I just love Parker’s sweet little smile here. . .

. . . and everyone’s reaction here. Even Oscar is excited!

sweet little family!

I love real life and here is a shot of real life! I love it and it reminds me of many days in my families real life.

Parker seriously has the sweetest smile ev!

So cute Parker!

Seriously so cute, buddy! I am in love with your little toothy grin!

I had to post this shot, because EVERY parent has had this moment. Nope, no injuries occurred during this shot…just random sadness. I have laughed at Ada so many times during moments just like this. Seriously, SO real life!

And the reason you laugh. . .because you know the sadness is a bit fake and will completely disappear momentarily :)

Parker loves books! They completely calm him down. He did really well sitting through several stories.

Every child has a book that has a a little bit of child given character added to it. Anna told me this happened on day one of the new books life. Never fails…kiddos always do it to the new fav!

It was time for daddy to leave for work, but not before a quick little wrestling match.

Where did daddy go?

Crawling off to see. . .

Too cute Parker! Too flippin cute!

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  1. LOVE these pictures! I love baby bums :)

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