tucker 2.5 years + tripp 6 months . brothers {chattanooga lifestyle family photography}

Recently we took a mini getaway to the beach with some dear friends and while occupying this beautiful place known as, Rosemary Beach, FL we did a photo session of said dear friends. It was a mere 2 years ago that I did a session for Tucker during his 6th month of life. The same age that his little brother Tripp has now grown up to be. Love this family! The love they have for each other is very apparent! Tucker is such a sweet big brother. . . always sharing in his adventures with his little brother Tripp, who happens to be the happiest baby every! Had fun documenting this time for you guys! Hope you love the pics and your slideshow! Click HERE. xoxo!

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  1. jennifer says:

    THANK YOU BRITTANY!!!!!!!!!!! This is like the 5th photo shoot you’ve done for us and you never cease to thrill us and bring tears to our eyes w/ the slideshows…WE LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks for always capturing our precious memories!!!! You are amazing!!

  2. I see some awesome christmas card photos in these….they are GORGEOUS…and seriously one of the most beautiful families ever. Great photos!

  3. Lindsey Hinkle says:

    awesome awesome awesome photos Brittany! and I love the scenery!

  4. Shannon Hamaker says:

    Holy cow…heart is melted. I LOVE the one of Tripp and those big blue eyes! Fantastic job Brittany!

  5. Emily Cooper says:

    Jennifer and Brittany, they are absolutely beautiful! So, so talented with some gorgeous folks to work with never hurts!!

  6. Marcella Froehlich says:

    Brittany, as usual you did a fabulous job on the photo shoot! I want canvas wraps of all the pictures. You have a real talent for composing the scenes to look natural and unscripted. Way to go!

  7. Jamie Varnell says:

    What great pictures!!! Love them all.

  8. Claire Wood says:

    Jennifer, these are WONDERFUL. All four of you are so photogenic. What a beautiful family!!

  9. Cory Dudley says:

    Great Album, who knew we would ever grow up… Beautiful kids! :) We miss you guys!

  10. Mike Simpson says:

    Wow – those are simply amazing. Well done photos of a very photogenic group!

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