parker . 1st birthday party {chattanooga event photographer}

In Parker’s one year old photo session post I talked about how big he has gotten and his adorable personality. This time I need to brag on his mom. She needs to be a party planner. She threw Parker’s food spread together the day of. See this was one of two birthday parties for Parker. This being the “smaller” family version it was going to simply be cake. I am floored with the full buffet Anna came up with. Of course, her awesome husband did the grocery run so they are definitely a good party planning pair. Beyond food, the details were precious. The sock monkey theme was spawned by the photos that have been taken of Parker since birth with his over sized sock monkey pal. These pics shot for scale have quickly turned from the sock monkey being the larger of the pair to Parker being the larger of the two. With this pal along side Parker from the very beginning it only made since for him to escort him to his first birthday party. Sock monkeys were everywhere. From invitation to cake to party favors and tobagon it was a full fledged sock monkey party and a fabulous one at that. Laughter continously filled the air of Parker’s party coming from all of those who love Parker the very most. The atmosphere turned emotional as each attendee watched a slideshow rerun of Parker’s first year. Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party Parker! I had a fabulous time!

Hope you love your slideshow! Click HERE.

I have to brag on one of my favorite people ever, Tobi, with Ivey Handcrafted. If you are a frequent follower of this blog then you have D-to the-E-finitely seen her work on here. Well, this time, is an adorable custom adorned hoodie that she made just for Parker. I lurve it!!! Thanks Tobi! You are the best! Definitely go check out her site. It is full of cuteness, crafty inspiration and pure sweetness!


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  1. Okay 1st shout out: To Parkers Momma for throwing a ROCKIN’ party! I love all the details – and must I say Parker is gorgeous :)

    2nd shout out Brittany – awesome photos – I know these will always be so special to the family… always beautiful.

    thank you for the continual support…I love you my friend :)

  2. Anna says:

    LOVE these photos Brittany! I’m so glad you were able to come party with Parker and capture all of these moments from facial expressions to laughter, it shows in every picture. We love you and are so glad you documented P’s 1st year for us.

    He has worn the sweatshirt out from Ivey Handcrafted…we are going to have to order more adorable stuff from her.

  3. sean says:

    that’s a hell of a party, seriously. i almost didn’t click to see this post because i thought ‘a year olds birthday? really, how interesting can that be’ …uhh, amazing. i know i say it every time i comment on your guys’ blog, but how you photograph and the images your create are SO unique, and so beautiful. there’s no hit, hit, hit, miss – they’re all AMAZING. i don’t know how you do it.
    and huge kudos on that hoodie! i want one, and i’m 24. (seriously – get in touch)
    love you guys!

  4. Rachel (Isaac's Mommy) says:

    What an adorable party! I love the picture of him staring at the camera in his high chair. Tobi, I love that hoodie!

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