the meeting {home video vol. 1}

So this is our inaugural video post.

Never posted one on here and who knows if I will ever post another :)

We have played this minute and a half clip over and over and over again and each time it ignites a chuckle or even a roar of laughter. There is nothing like the tone, inflection, expression and interpretation of a three year old meeting her little brother at home for the first time. Hope you enjoy this little piece of our personal lives.

Brief intro. It was our first evening at home since being discharged from the hospital after birthing our son, Everest. The little guy and I hung out at home while Jimmy went to get Ada from my parents. When she arrived home, we did not mention Everest at all. We left him asleep on the couch while we got Ada ready for bed. Business as usual. We put her in her pjs that we had previously told her she would wear the night Everest came home and then showed her the matching pjs he would wear. She is holding his matching pjs. Alright, let’s begin. . .

Me: Where is he? Will you help me find him?

Ada: Yeeeees

Me: Ok look for him. Where did he go?

Ada: Right there (points to my belly)

Me: He’s not there anymore. Where is he? Help me find him. Aaah! Did you find him?

Ada: Yes (giggling)

Me: What do you think?

Ada: (giggling) You make him?

Me: (laughing) yes

Ada: He come out in your belly?

Me: (laughing) I know. Isn’t that crazy?!?

Ada: Yes! He’s snorpin’?!?

Jimmy: He’s what?  and I are dying laughing. She meant sleeping/snoring)

Ada: His toes.

He’s sleeping?!?

He’s not crying?!?

Me: Oh my goodness she is hurting me. (referring to laughing while recovering from c-scetion)

You like him?

Ada: Yeah. He’s sleeping?!?

He’s not crying?!?

Jimmy & Me: Yeah

Ada: I want to put on his pjs


Ada: (carrying the boppy pillow up the stairs) This is too Tu-vee.

*okay, now go watch the video…it is way better when the 3 year old says it :)


PS: You are NOT allowed to judge my videography skills…they are naturally lacking compounded with newborn delirium.

PSS: It’s not all play around here now {okay, well, technically it is not all play}. I do have an engagement post coming. I put a little sneak peek on our new  Moncrief Photography Facebook Page {yep, have not even mentioned said page on here just yet}. It is dusty over there, but would love for you to stop by :)

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  1. So so sweet. Had to watch it twice! Makes me so excited to have a second baby some day. You have such a sweet family!

  2. OMG. This is adorable!!! You have the sweetest family Brittany!!!

  3. Anna Ballard says:

    OH. MY. WORD. Ada is adorable! I love her reaction and her sweet little voice make me want to just hug her. She is your mini me Brittany!

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