tara + tom {chattanooga engagement photographer}

Tom + Tara. He told absolutely no one and no one suspected anything. He loved her, wanted to marry her and needed to put a ring on her finger.

They went out to eat with his brother and his brother’s wife. Tom laughed at every joke, but held tight to his own. Still no one suspected a thing. After dinner Tara and Tom took a late night stroll around the Hunter Art Museum’s exterior. They had the place to themselves and Tom finally had much to say. . . how they had known each other for over 20 years and while friendship had ensued they had never dated, but since they had started seeing each other in this different light, fate stepped in and it was just meant to be. While these sweet words were being spoken. Tara remained clueless until she saw the ring box and heard Tom mutter the words, “Tara, will you please do me the honor of being my wife?”. With tears of joy she wholeheartedly accepted.

Tara has always had a thing for the 1940s and her wedding will be showcasing this theme. Tom, Tara and Tara’s sweet boys got all decked out in some 1940s garb for a segment of their engagement session. We had so much fun! After hanging out at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo everyone did a wardrobe change and we took a little stroll around the Southside. We used the last part of our session for some Tom and Tara only time in the same spot Tom asked Tara to be his wife. It was a jam packed fun filled engagement/family session. Seriously so excited to shoot your wedding in June.
My first wedding out of maternity leave and you two are setting the bar high. In the meantime, hope you love your images! Click HERE for your slideshow. The song is for you Tom ;)



























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