sibling snuggles {week 2}

Yada Yada! I’m on week 2 of my son’s life. He is now 9 weeks as of today. . .oh my! I am trying not to make myself feel bad about this. I am instead justifying this family blog absence by spending aforementioned blog time with my family :) I did however, successfully blog Ada’s first year of life and wanted to do the same for Everest, but really. . .its okay. So here’s week 2. We will see if any additional family posts make it on the blog :)

The little dude was still in the bassinet at this point. In his swaddle. . .not so much! {I am seriously so in love with that little round head. One point for the c-section babe}

Yes, the snuggle overload continued and is still continuing. The girl is going to snuggle her little bro to pieces :)

So during those first few weeks I made a daily point to spend some me and Ada only time doing something of her choosing. This day in particular was salon day. This girl loves to have her nails done.

What Everest did while we hit the nail salon.

Ada could not stay away from her little bro for long. As soon as her nails were half way dry, she ran over to check on the handsome sleeper :)

She seriously melts my heart with her love for her younger sibling. Let me reassure you that NONE of this snuggling was requested for picture sake. This is au naturale!!!

Ada and Everest have both worn Ivey Handcrafted since the very day each of them were born. I had fun taking pics of them in their coordinating Ivey Handcrafted duds. I love these custom shirts and I love their creator, Tobi! You are so special to us, Tobi! We love you so!

Jimmy is a big cyclist and so it was very fitting to make a request for coordinating “cycling” shirts for the kiddos. L-O-V-E! Tobi’s hand stitched detailing is amazing!

Ada loves to jump on the bed. . .

. . .thankfully Everest does not mind when his sister jumps on the bed either :) PS: Our child is no longer this “tan” aka jaundiced. Though, I thought jaundice looked kinda good on him :)

This pic cracks me up too much not to include. Can we say NY Stock Exchange? Lawd, I hope not :)

My two favorite men taking an afternoon snooze

Babies have the best sleeping faces. They vary so frequently. I could stare at this little guy forever. {Yikes, I recently called Jimmy out on twitter for being creepy, after telling me one morning that he stared at me for 10 mins while I was sleeping….who’s the creepy one now? :}


Me creeping on the kiddo again. He is just too dang adorable!

random edit…I never play around with my post production…stay with the same thing…tried and true…except for this one.

Goodness I bundled him back in the day…ya know 7 weeks ago. He practically likes to sleep in the nude these days. The boy is having hot natured tendencies as of late.

So Everest really has two people that like to creep on him while he is sleeping. This creeper just happens to be extremely cute.

Cute old man? yes, please.

Ada, you are the best big sister ever to the best little brother ever! I love you two to absolute pieces!!!

Have an engagement session tomorrow….so the next post will not consist of gushing over the kiddos :) Night.

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  1. goodness gracious these are ADORABLE! Sorry I just saw this and thank you so much for the shout out. It has been my absolute pleasure to dress your babies from day one. I love you guys

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