robert + erik . brothers {chattanooga family photography}

I had a great time hanging with this family of 6 (2 dogs :) for an afternoon. Robert, 7 and Erik, 6 are very well rounded. They both play the piano, enjoy reading/being read to, love sports, family card games, lego creations and running around with their dogs. It was fun getting to witness their love of life in each of these areas and document it for them too. Their mom, Karen summarized their year like this, “Winters are games, fires, and hot drinks with an occasional cartoon. Summers are fans, yard, cool drinks, and pool time.” Sounds perfect to me!

David is 37 yrs. old, he competes in triathlons… specifically Ironman triathlons. David is an avid bike rider, runner, swimmer. I don’t think he is very outdoorsy (he is very orderly) but we all enjoy being out in our yard. I am 40 yrs. old…. mom, wife, dog owner, householder, etc.. I teach french at UTC as adjunct. I am a control person… so to counterbalance, I do yoga, I have a sitting practice, and I jog. I love being in the yard and being at home. Robert is 7, he is currently playing soccer and he loves it. Robert likes school and has learned to read this year. Robert also likes sports and will try at anything. He is very compliant and takes himself seriously. We take them climbing occasionally, to play tennis and he is excited to learn to play golf this summer. In the summers, both boys swim on the swim team. We spend a large part of our summer at the pool. Erik is 6 yrs. old, he is full of energy, drama, and emotion. He is capricious. He loves sports or really anything that Robert likes. We have a lots of toys at the house and Lego’s are an ongoing big hit. The boys build some fairly imaginative cars, tanks, airplanes and any combination of these things.

We are all big fans of our 2 dogs: Zollie and Zoe. They are 11 yrs. old now and Zollie has a tumor. He was supposed to be put down last May so we are all happy and surprised that he has made it this far. He gets a lot of attention.

Karen got this piano the very same day she met her hubby, David. It was definitely a good day all around.

This is Zollie, one of two Boston Terriers. They are both loved and adored!!!

The family frequent plays kick ball in the backyard.

This is Zollie, who like Zoe, is 11 years old. They are actually siblings. Zollie has a tumor and per the veterinarian’s advisement was to be put down last May. He he is, alive and well. The family is was both surprised and very thankful that this little guy made it.

Karen thoroughly enjoys yoga. The boys were showing me their yoga moves ;)

Love Erik’s intense face as he anticipates hitting the ball over the fence. He succeeded!

This shot cracks me up. David ducks as Robert gets his chance at hitting a home run. Truth be told…I duck several times too :)

I think Erik was showing off his best dinosaur skills here.

The boys love to read. Robert has recently learned to read himself.

David is an Ironman Triathelete. He has done several and the weekend before we met up he did another. This time a half, so while the family was reading he headed to the kitchen to do some re-carbing. I completely understand! The time surrounding Jimmy’s Ironman I felt like he was incessantly extra hungry.

Family card time is a continuous pass time for these four. They have played over a hundred games this year. Thus far, Erik is the reigning champion. The boy play every morning before school, while Karen finishes getting ready.

The boys can often be found making lego creations together. It was really fun to see how well these two siblings got along. They really entertain themselves!

I love a good in action family portrait ;)

Thank you Buntin Family for allowing me to hang out and document some time for you guys!!!


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