granny campbell, you will be missed! {personal}

Today she died. My last and most favorite grandparent is gone. Though she was in the hospital this week after an unsuccessful surgery on her leg and I saw her last night and she had yet to “come back” from being put to sleep, I still remained hopeful. Granny was a woman of 9 lives. Last night she looked like death was at her doorstep, just like I had seen before in recent years, but every other time she bounced back. I always imagined granny living forever. Literally. She was going to live well into her 100’s and be in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest woman to ever live, but this week death came and did not leave. He took my Granny. I will not hold onto the image of the lifeless soul I encountered last night. I will instead ingrain the following memories in my mind forever. I am so thankful for the images below taken in the last 6 months. These are the very last images ever taken of Granny and I am so very thankful for these:

I am absolutely in love with these images Jimmy took of Granny and Ada last fall. She loved her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren even more if that were even possible. I can hear her say now, “My, how she has growed”. Using the same incorrect grammar that I will probably use one day. . .







None of these are award winning images. Everest was very grumpy in these moments, but I don’t care because they are absolutely priceless. The very last images of her life ever recorded.




Last night at the hospital Ada asked to give Granny one last kiss. Ada leaned over to Granny’s lifeless but still breathing body and gave her the most gentle sweet kiss on her Great-Granny’s wrinkly forehead and softly whispered in her ear, “I love you, Granny.” It is unlikely that Granny was able to hear, but I would like to think the quick squeeze of her closed eyes was acknowledgement that she did. We love you Granny Campbell and will miss you so very much!

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