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Love. The definition: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person I would say this accurately describes how little newborn Reid’s mommy and daddy feel about him. It has been amazing to witness their love at first sight relationship with their little guy. Thank you for inviting me into your lives to document this amazing love!

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PS: To see Reid from the very beginning check out both when he was a cute baby bump and then the first time we laid our eyes on him during his birth session


Doesn’t Ruthann look beautiful?!? Mere days out from having a baby and she already doesn’t look like she ever had a baby. Meet newborn baby Reid. Adorable? Yes. Yes and Yes!

:) Ruthann loves it when he does his kissy face. She was trying to get him to do it. Reid actually ended up doing it later on during the session. . .that photo is in the slideshow.

Tony smiles in adoration of his wife and newborn son

Yep, they are smitten by this little guy!

Beautiful beautiful baby boy!

It was nap time for baby Reid. Tony worked his burrito magic with his swaddling abilities.

Watching over little Reid. Will he or will he not go to sleep for us? That is the question :)

He reminds me of a little bug raising up his little “bug tail” and then he went to sleep.

…though not for long. Here, Tony is giving a little pep talk.

So Reid decided he really did not want to go to sleep at this point so Ruthann more than content with snuggling him instead and while doing so I think we may have captured Reid’s first smile. Okay, so perhaps it was not his very first smile but I think it would be safe to say one of his first 10 smiles.

So presh!

Reid started out his little newborn life in a pretty jaundiced state, so he got to take daily sunbaths to help combat his newborn tan.

It cracks me up that newborns will sleep with their limbs in the air.

Sam, the dog has been super sweet with his brand new little bro. Sam was very intrigued with this new creature in the house while said creature was doing his tummy time.


So sweet!

Ruthann mentioned she loves both Reid’s tuff of hair on the top of his head and the longer hair on the back of his head. Well here is the latter and I just love Ruthann’s smile.

little and big


I wonder if he is going to fore go his pacey for his fingers.

sweet snuggles

I like these two different perspectives :) while Reid is attempting sleep

Reid was not a huge fan of the idea so Ruthann snuggled him instead :)

This shot cracks me up a little :) Reid, you look really cute when you are upset :)

Fed, swaddled and. . .

wide awake.

Too much to see, people. Too much to take it. :)

Tony was giving Ruthann a hard time on her swaddling abilities :)

Sweet little profile

You’re adorable little guy!

So sweet!

So very sweet!

I love baby feet and I am not talking just any part of a baby’s foot. I specifically love the bottom of baby’s feet…that part is my favorite!

If Reid was not already adorable enough, he also sported a custom onesie by Ivey Handcrafted and sported it he did…very well!

I had a little fun with photographing his onesie before it was given to him. Cuteness overload!!!

You three are so awesome and I consider myself one lucky girl to be able to spend the next year documenting your life together! We are going to have a good time. I can tell already!




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