elliot moses . the birth {chattanooga birth photography}

I have known this family for a long time now and photographed them many many times and have loved every second of it. I love the rawness of their family relationship. They are real. They are fun. They are silly together. They sing songs. They dance together. They love. This day there was not as much sing-songing and dancing as normal, but love there was. To capture this new love was absolutely amazing. A family of four becoming a family of five. . .twins girls the first time around and now a teeny tiny baby boy…an addition of absolute beautiful perfection. Thank you thank you thank you for entrusting me with documenting the birth of your son. Every moment was absolutely amazing. Aaron and Jodi, you guys did amazing!!! xoxoxo

As of February this year I have had 2 cesarean sections myself (c-sections). While I have had the immense pleasure of  photographing several births, this was the very first time for me to document a c-section. The process may be a little different, but the same colossal miracle is produced in the end…an incredibly huge miracle of a t-tiny baby.

Now get ready for a re-donk-u-lously long blog post and to get an even closer glimpse of the day’s emotion be sure to check out brand new baby Cabeen’s slideshow HERE.

These two have wordless conversations with each other. Excited? Most definitely!

One last hug before Jodi headed in solo with the doctors to get her spinal.

While Jodi was getting her spinal, Aaron was suiting up to head into the operating room.

Jodi’s reaction as her hubby, mom and myself walk into the room. I think she’s got her game face on :)

Several nurses on call and ready for baby Cabeen as soon as he made his debut. There were lots of people in the room. I think I counted 16 at one point plus baby Cabeen of course :)

Jodi was abs0lutely radiant the entire time. Her big beautiful clear eyes always convey her current emotion. At this point it was excitement and anticipation I believe.

Aaron got the first peek of his son.

Here is my first peek. The little guy was getting suctioned out as baby’s do.

. . .and there he was. . .beautiful beautiful baby boy. An astonishing miracle for certain!

The doctor immediately took the little guy around the curtain to meet his mommy.


Beautiful Jodi laying her eyes on her son for the very first time. Shrill excitement was soon followed by tears of joy!

amazing amazing amazing!…and absolutely adorable! If you have never seen a fresh out baby, let me forewarn you that most of them are not very cute the day of. How could they be really? They have been squished up, squeezed and wrinkled for 9 whole months :) The day my little guy was born back in February, I told him that he was not that cute today, but he would be cute tomorrow and that is the truth :) The day of baby Cabeen’s birth I even confessed that baby C was cuter on day 1 than my very own:)  Seriously, this kid is cute :)

 Jodi, you are gorgeous. You are seriously not suppose to look this good after giving birth.


tiny little foot

I love your pure elation on the birth of your brand new baby boy!


I love how peaceful Jodi is among all the action in the room.





Jodi. . .you are beautiful!!! (Have a mentioned that?!?)


wrapped up and ready to be snuggled (first swaddle)

 Jodi holds her little guy for the very first time. I believe this is the point that Baby Cabeen was named.

…and he shall be called “Elliot Moses Cabeen” Love it!


 Jodi’s OB takes a look at the excitement :)

I failed to mentioned that Mr. Elliot cried incessantly until he was in his mommy’s arms and hearing her speak. A sound that was so very familiar to him. A sound that brought him great comfort and made him feel right at home. He looks mighty comfy in his mommy’s arms.

First family portrait (minus Elliot’s big sisters). Jodi, you are killing me with your beauty!!



 Cabeen takes a turn :)

I think it is safe to say it is love at first sight!

Jodi could not take her eyes off these boys!


 One more once over before leaving the operating room.

 precious little five fingered hand

equally precious, five toed foot :)





sweet mommy kisses



So Elliot’s big sisters were in the waiting room waiting patiently on his arrival. Lucy read while Ava checked out the slideshow of the last session I did of the girls.

Aaron gave them a small sweet pep talked and then whisked them down the hall for the big sister/little brother introduction.



Not exactly sure what to think.

. . but definitely had some cute commentary that made everyone including Jodi laugh A-LOT :) I am glad Jodi was still numb from her spinal or else that would have been one painful post surgery belly laugh :)

Elliot was headed to the nursery for his first bath, but Honey caught a glimpse of him headed down the hallway. Love her reaction! Everyone else came out to get their first look as well. Both Jodi and Aaron’s parents, Jodi’s sister and the twins, of course :)

congrats congrats congrats you guys! Love that there are even more Cabeen babies in the world now….the world is a better place because of it! :) Much much love!!!

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