gabbie . 23 months {chattanooga lifestyle family photography}

Gabbie, you are almost 2. I knew you when you were a bump on your mommy. I officially met you the very day you were born. I was at your first birthday party and spent many many days with you in between. Now you are a little girl who loves to run, dance, laugh and play. You can push a mini shopping cart like no body’s business, give ginormous hugs and are are just down right adorable. We love you so much Gabbie girl and we most definitely love your mommy and daddy too, our over a decade long BFFs :) xoxo to each of you. To many more days of documented love between the three of you.

This was a little mini session I did for these three after a kiddie birthday party we were all attending. These three did a full force unleashing of love for thirty minutes and this is what we came up with. Hope you adore these images of people I adore. Here is your slideshow.

This back focused shot is not typically indicative of my style, but for some reason in this setting I really liked the mood and energy it created.


Gabbie was serious about waving to the boaters out on the water of the Tennessee River

…she had a little wait, don’t go attitude toward them as they sailed away.

At almost 2, Gabbie is go go go! So we did alot of chasing and being chased.

She did slow down and stop for a moment when she found this flower.

After her mini stop and smell the “roses” break she wondered where her mommy and daddy had gone.

…and then ran straight to them of course!

Gabbie loves to fly around with her daddy. What two year old doesn’t? :)

…and then she was off again!

She sat down for a brief moment and did some itsy bitsy spider for me.

. . . and then it was time for a big snuggle from mommy.

love this one of some daddy love! Daddies that are affectionate with their kiddos make me swoon (mommies too. it is just more rare with daddies :).

love these curls Gabbie girl!

You are such a fun mom my Becca Boo.

Gabbster spotted an airplane.

and then she wanted to fly like an airplane again.

More mommy snuggles before she was off again. . .

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