parker . 1.5 years old {chattanooga lifestyle family photography}

Love this little family of three! I got to spend Parker’s entire first year with him from in the belly to documenting the celebration of his very first birthday…and here we are quickly approaching his second birthday. Too fast people…too fast. Last time we met up, it was on a chilly December afternoon consisting of fleece vests and blue jeans. This time, was polar opposite. I seriously think it was the hottest day of the year. Seriously! You three are amazing!!!. This year we just headed in-door just a little bit faster :) Ice cream always does a body good, but especially when it is roasty outside. Thank you Clumpies for hosting us :)

Of course, you can never get enough of Parker so check him out in these other sessions from his “Baby’s First Year”:

Maternity Session, Newborn Session, 4 Month Old Session, 9 Month Old Session, One Year Session, Parker’s 1st Birthday Party
Okay Graysen and Anna, all this reminscing is really making me sad. Where in the whole wide world did time go!?!? As you can quickly see, this dude is not a baby anymore. Parker, newborn, 2 months, 4 months….1.5 years…you my little pal are awesome!!! Much Love!!!

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