elliott {ej} . 6 months old {chattanooga family photographer}

Shane calls his son Elliott, while Michelle sticks with EJ. Either way, they both are infatuated with their little guy and I completely witnessed why! This little guys is so stinkin’ adorable and sweet to the core! He is just a few days younger than my little E. It was fun to see the same stage of life that I am currently living, but within another family.

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The first shot upon my arrival. EJ had a perplexed look in regards to this stranger who had entered the house.

Michelle came into the room and EJ got excited about this very familiar female face. He batted his arms and took out his dad :)

The hand off. EJ is just a *little* fond of his mommy :)

Six months old is such a fun age. I love Elliott’s bright eyed smiley face!

This dude has some killer eyes!

Michelle you have great fun-mom faces :)



 Elliott is all about flying around the room with his daddy

 and pretty fond of zerbets too! :)





 This family is adorable…seriously!

EJ was all about all the attention!

One of my faves!

 EJ you are so very handsome little dude!


She says, “I’m watching you!” :)

Seriously Michelle…you are such a cute mom!



The only time I saw EJ get upset the entire time I was there was over food. Once he sat in his highchair he was raring to go, but 2 second later he was all smiles. . .


 Shane and Michelle changed it up between baby food containers and Elliott was not happy about the wait in between. Once again, 2 seconds later he was a happy camper again :)

Aerial shot of Shane and Elliott and an aerial shot of Michelle and EJ. Did not even realize I had gotten both of these until the culling process when I got home.

Yep, the food was over and EJ was not happy about that :(

 …but as soon as Michelle started rocking EJ to sleep everything was right in the world once again.


 She watched my every move :)

 So serene and peaceful

 In the middle of the process Shane got a picture text from his brother displaying a new onesie he had just picked up from EJ. It said “Future Nerd”. Shane is a bit of a computer nerd so this is very fitting :)


 Michelle rubs EJ’s eyebrows as he falls asleep.




Normal day consists of a late afternoon nap in his swing while the parents get to have time to their selves. Such a sweet shot of Shane transporting EJ to his swing. There is nothing like a sweet sleeping baby.

If you come visit Shane and Michelle on a later afternoon this is what you are likely to see.

Then EJ goes in his crib for the night.

 Sweet sweet sleeping baby!


You guys are awesome! I love your little EJ! He is amazing! I hope to see you all soon…very soon!

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