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Welcome to the longest blog post in the history of America (ahem, my blog). Welcome to the birth story of Miss Lila Tate. Me and narrowing down images just don’t get along. I, however, believe you will make it with me on the long haul, because who could not love this family nor resist a brand new baby. :) Afterall, who would not want to see the journey of this little girl’s entrance into the world. Grab a tissue and click HERE for your slideshow.

Upon arriving to their hospital room, the scene set before me was two happy people playing a friendly game of scrabble. Though, with solely vowels left in his menagerie of little cream colored tiles, Robert’s stake in the game was quickly coming to an end. Aston had started her pitocin and waited patiently as labor progressed.

I went to the waiting area while Aston received her epidural. In there I found Robert’s mom and dad and little Carson too. After the pain management was in place we headed back to the hospital room.  Carson entered the room to see her mommy in a hospital bed for the very first time. This sweet little two year old just did not know what to think. 

 Her daddy brought out some smiles and assurance.

 I love this little Carson face!

Robert handed Carson a book and said let’s read with mommy. Carson instead crawled up on the couch with Robert’s mom to read the book, while looking over at her mommy still unsure what to think.

 With her doll in tow, her daddy scooped her up to read one last book together as a family of three before Carson’s little sister arrived.


 Carson felt much better about this hospital business after the book and she gave her mommy a big kiss to prove it.

 Her daddy of course had to get a snuggle.

 Aston began to really feel the contractions. One moment she was still and silent, but. . .

 thankfully the next moment she  was able to laugh at her surroundings. This particular moment of laughter was cued by something funny Robert’s sister put on Facebook about Boaz :)

Carson was surrounded by her loving grandparents. She was particularly interested in Robert’s dad’s mustache on this day :)

 The more grandparents arrived. This time Daddy Goose, Aston’s dad.

 Contractions continued.

 Thankfully the smiles continued too. Aston, your smile is radiant especially in the midst of labor.

A little oxygen for precaution.

iPad? Check, MacBook Pro? Check, iPod Touch? Check, Android? Check . . .tell me which one doesn’t belong :) :)

 Time for Aston to try to rest. She had not gotten much sleep the night before, so I can only imagine how tired she was.

 A quick prayer before we went off for lunch and allowed Aston to rest.

 Upon our return, the contractions had intensified  and the epidural began to wear off.

 too beautiful Aston…too beautiful!

 Aston’s dad came over for some comfort for his daughter.

 waiting on lila. . . :)


 Aston’s mom was by her side from the time she got there until the tim Lila arrived. There’s something special about your mom when you are becoming a mom (again, in this case).

 Aston, seriously you are about to have a baby…you look way too good!!

A reflection in the monitor. . . Aston’s mom with her hand on Aston’s belly for the last :)

 More waiting. More contractions.

 So apparently Robert has a tendency to pass out or nearly do so in certain medical situations. When I came back into the room earlier after Aston received her epidural, Robert was white as a ghost. In this scene he was telling his mother in law about the mornings events along with another time he almost passed out.

 It was quite the comic relief for Aston. :)

 The contractions became much more intense and the epidural continued to wear off.

 The contractions were becoming unbearable.

 The nurse  turned on the newborn warmer and left to get the anesthesiologist.

 Everyone was so relieved to see the anesthesiologist.

 Then he shared he was unable to give a re-dose of the epidural.

See the middle chart? See where the line went off the charts? This is when Aston was told there would not be a re-dose.

 Contractions were extremely hard.


 It was time to push.

 Love this moment between Aston’s husband and Aston’s mom.

 Aston did amazing and did not have to push long at all! Seriously seriously amazing Aston!!!


 Robert’s face with single tear, showed his pride for his wife and joy that his precious daughter had arrived.

 Miss Lila Tate and all her screaming glory :) Absolute brand new baby perfection and her apgar said so too. . .perfect 10! Can’t beat that!


Lilla Tate. . .so squishy and CUTE!

 7 is a perfect number!

 teeny tiny fingers

 I love this sweet face!

 She looked right over at her daddy and mimi who came to get a look. You could tell she recognized their voices.



 That lip! Minutes old and she has it down pat! :)


Daddy Goose came over to check this girl out. The nurse cupped her hand over Lila’s face to shield her from the light so she would open her eyes.

Lila, you are squishy and oh so adorable!

Lila, I can not get over how adorable you were and minutes old!!!

Elation from Aston!

First ever moments with both mommy and daddy

Smitten already

Yep, Lila I will tell you right now. Your dad is s nut!


Lila, you are even cute when you cry!

Laughing at her hubby and his way too big scrub shirt. . .

I am pretty sure four Roberts could fit in their.

I came back later once Carson arrived to get her first reactions of her newborn little sister. Carson was all about her!!

Carson, from day one you have been an over the top sweet big sister!

Carson wanted to show me her “other” baby. 

A close up of Lila’s perfect little newborn pout

Seriously amazing big sister Carson!!

Aston you better be glad you did not have a c-section or else it would have hurt to laugh :) Robert jumped a mile high while changing Lila’s diaper and it was hysterical, especially to Aston :)

Carson did so well holding her little sister for the first time.

Lila Tate and. . .

The proud new big sister Carson. You can check out her two year old session here which took place THE week before Lila arrived.

What an absolutely amazing day! Welcome to the world Lila Tate! You are one well loved little girl! Your mommy, daddy and big sister love you and the Lord has ALWAYS loved you!! Love each of you so much!!!

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