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I of course love all my clients. I mean have you seen them? They are awesome! every. single. one. I am a lucky girl! Would it be wrong, however, to say I have a special place in my heart for my baby’s first year families?!? I love getting to literally watch their lives change and their little people grow right up. I love getting to see them go from a baby bump, to the day of expectancy, to a brand new snugly baby, to the fun of having a little person that rolls over, laughs and looks adoringly into the eyes of his parents. I love that they begin to forget I am even around. I love that they live life, do their thing and I get to be there and capture it. every. single. stage. All that to say, I have been there with this family each step of the way and as I sit back and look at this bright blue eyed boy I am thankful. I am SO thankful for what I get to do. I love it and I also love this little bright blue eyed little boy. I mean really?!? He’s pretty scrumptious. I could just eat him and his adorable little expressions..up! Tony, Ruthann and Reid. . .you three are magnificent! Thank you for your amazing love for each other and thank you for allowing me to make sure you remember tomorrow what today’s love looked like. much much love :)

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So this little handsome face sat on the porch with his  Mama and waited on the arrival of his daddy.

He waited, but not without many smooches from his mama.

 love your little chin chub, Reid ;)

Ruthann knows about how many cars will go by before Tony arrives so she and Reid sit and count the cars. At last, Reid’s daddy arrived and

 what an arrival it was :) I have to mention I think this was Tony’s favorite part of the session. He was stoked that his arrival home to his two favorite people was being documented :)

 His arrival of course included a Reid sandwhich :)

His arrival of course also included his beautiful wife a hug!

We went back inside for a quick change and to get ready to go on a walk. I told you he was scrumptious, but I have to forewarn you…it gets even better…


There is nothing better than a big grin from your baby :)

Okay, these piggies come in as a close second in the nothin’ better category.


 Love that smile buddy!

So after a quick change we went on a short walk, something these three can be found doing quite often around their quaint neighborhood.



 These people love to be outside so they spend a lot of time sitting on their front porch just taking in the world. So after the end of the walk, that’s exactly what we did…sat on the porch.

Bright bright blue eyed cutie!

 Yep, it looks like Reid is going to have his Mama’s hair color. Ruthann has the most beautiful shade of strawberry blonde, a color that runs rampant in her family. She is one of six and all but one sibling share her hair color:)

 such a cutie

That chin makes me so happy!

 Sam, the family dog, came out and made an appearance with the family.


 Mommy kisses are the best ;)

These people love some football (Auburn football that is :) so Tony showed me his Reid football hold :)


So then we went back inside and played in Reid’s room for a bit. He was not too into his wooden car, but perhaps it was because he was about to spit up :)

 Yep, the first baby milk mustache I have ever witnessed occurred. It was pretty hysterical!

 Ruthann is in love with this little guy and would snuggle him into absolute pieces.

Tony of course loves his son too, but definitely loves to patronize him too :)



It was almost bath time. I just love the series of shots we got next. They need no explanation at all. I just love the interactions :)












 Okay, I know I said many things are THE best, but bare baby bottom really has to been in the top ten.

 bathtime! :) So there was much more to bath time than this. You can definitely find more in the slideshow.



Another little sequence that I really like. The first one was with Ruthann and Reid, so its only fair that this one is with Tony and Reid :)


 Bobbly Broccoli and speaking of bobbly broccoli, I would really love my little man to be decked out in bobbly broccoli pjs. They are SOOO cute!

love him!!



Tony is fantastic and I just love the things he wants to document during our sessions. After all, booger removal is a common activity with a baby so yes, of course we should document this! :) I have to also say that Reid looks pretty stinkin’ cute have those boogies removed!!

 jump jump jump

 After all the family activities it was time for a nap….let’s get swaddled!


 Don’t you love it when this…

 turns into this…

and especially…


:) :) :)


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