jewell . class of 2012 {chattanooga graduating senior photography}

Jewell has a very eclectic hobby list:) Per her mother, she is totally in love with books! She loves to read, go¬†fishing and has a crazy obsession with graphitti…just looking, not painting. If I met Jewell randomly out in public, at first glance I would not pin her as a fisherman. I love it when a person has something very unexpected about them.

I had a great time with this beautiful girl wondering through a bookstore on Frazier Ave then strolling through the streets of Chattanooga’s Southside for its infamous ever changing graffiti spots. Jewell, you are seriously gorgeous and I hope you have an amazing remainder of your senior year…which will end in mere weeks since you are graduating early!! Just remember that if you decide to forgo becoming a nurse anesthetist I am sure you could have a career in modeling!

Hope you love your slideshow. Click HERE.

PS: I love your Monroe piercing!












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