elliott {ej} . 9 months old {chattanooga family photographers}

This is my very last family session of 2011. I can NOT believe this year is coming to a close! Each year has been busier than the last in both personal and business life, which makes life fly by that much faster. I am thankful for both. I am thankful for my sweet little family now consisting of 4 and I am thankful for each of my clients who I adore so very much! This family most definitely consists of people I adore. They have already seen all of their pictures and slideshow, but it is now time for there blog post. Three months ago when EJ was 6 months old we did our first session together. He is merely a couple of days younger than my ‘E’ who was also born this year. It is so fun to see another little guy living a parallel life as far as age. They are doing many of the same things and if they were to hang out they would surely be fast friends.

Elliott, you are so very charming, your giggle is amazing and your parents absolutely adore you! Here is your slideshow.


What little guy does not want to be a super hero and fly around saving the masses? EJ loved flying around last time, but at 9 months old an aerial view induces big big grins!!

These two are most definitely pals!

 Nom nom nom. Oh how little 9 month olds love to put EVERYthing in their mouths! In this instance, a super fun ball does the trick :)


 Yep, EJ loves Elmo, but I am pretty sure his smile was induced by the dude behind the furry red monster.

EJ was all about some high fives for his mommy!


and some playtime

and snuggles for her too!

 Elliott loves his pull toy plane so much that he will crawl around after it. I accidentally did a little foot self portrait action in this one :)



Hello there cute guy!




 This big guy loves to hold his own bottle.




 The happy guy was not so happy when he was stopped to be burped mid bottle :( That face EJ :)

 This boy is growing and hungry! He was all about continuing to get his grub on.

 Love this girl!

 Hey Smiley!!


 A mid meal tickle is definitely a must! Love Michelle’s reaction to her playful boys!


 Clap Clap…more please!

 EJ got a hold of his mommy and did not want to let go. He had to give her a big open mouth kiss :)

 This is a hilarious little move he does frequently during mealtime.


 …and there he goes again :)


 Elliott loves some independent playtime in his pack n play especially if his puppy is lounging near.

 He’s coming to get you!!


 It was about time for Elliott to take a nap so a pre-naptime read was a must.

Love the twist on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that this book offered.



Watch out Michelle. You thought it was nap time, but your boys thought otherwise. They thought rough housing sounded like a better idea :)

Oh and a little bit more adventure before bedtime never hurt anybody :)


 EJ was all about checking out the view through the storm door.


 You are so cute. You know that?!?

A couple of more snuggles from each before  he headed off to a nice long afternoon nap :)




You all are amazing!!! :) So excited to be photographing your 1st Birthday Party in just a couple of months EJ!!! :)

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